All 98 #192 Bus Stops

There there are 98 stops on the 192  route, between Manchester and Hazel Grove.

– I know because I walked them all.

Sunday morning roads relatively free of traffic.

Some stops peopled some not.

Zigzagging the A6 to record a consistent sequence.

The bus stops here.

8 thoughts on “All 98 #192 Bus Stops

  1. I think the problem is that the stops from Stockport Town Hall up to Mile End School are slightly in the wrong order? The Dominos (opposite McDonalds/Grand Central) has the top opposte Stockport College, but not the one on the same side as Stockport College, then we get as far as St Christopher House, but then a few stops later we’re at the Masonic Guild Hall (which is the stop before St Christopher House) and then when we should be getting to Aquinas, there’s the “Open For Enrolment” photo, which is actually Stockport College. Things get much more like the right order after that….(I think). The Aquinas ones are there – the one outside “Gradewood” office, and one preceding it on the other side of the road.


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