Launderette – Levenshulme

14 Matthews Lane Manchester M19 3DS It’s been quite a while – following a spate there has been an abatement. Time was I couldn’t pass a coin-op operation without snapping. It all began in a Wigan Washeteria one thing lead to another then another. I was all washed up, rinsed and spun out – I … Continue reading Launderette – Levenshulme

Best Launderette – Brunswick Street Manchester

I was out walking on the corner one day. I spied some old washing. In the doorway it lay. Well there was a doorway, but no door. There was a door, but not attached to the doorway. Well there was washing, I had inadvertently found the Best Laundrette. Unattended, seemingly unloved, washing spinning happily, unobserved. Guantanamo … Continue reading Best Launderette – Brunswick Street Manchester

Launderette – Stalybridge

Tucked away in an arcade, far from Arcadian – not far from Baz’s Off Licence. The launderette. Yet another testament to the partial persistence of industrial technology. No Longer in Use. A happy hotch-potch of signs, surfaces and sixties design. Informal formica, stripped bare strip lighting, wobbly laminate walls. Watch and wait, whilst the World and your washing whirl. … Continue reading Launderette – Stalybridge

Launderette – London Road St Leonards

Mid blue linoleum tiles, patched here there. And everywhere. Signs Everywhere. In an uncertain universe, you can almost always rely on the launderette, to guide you on life’s soapy journey, through a complex series of immutable do’s and don’ts, arrows, slots, buttons and bows. Giant is the new big is the new large. I feel so small.

Blackburn – Launderette

Wandering amiably down Whalley Old Road towards Blackburn one warm sunny day today, I came upon yet another launderette. Somehow, somewhat frozen in time. Front window cracked, but just about holding together, signage almost intact, machines formerly fully functioning – flagging, fluorescent tubes softly flickering, unguarded against the wood chip. Patterned formica surfaces care worn and faded from … Continue reading Blackburn – Launderette

Wigan – Civic Centre

Some time ago, over a year ago or so I went to Wigan. I found a pub,  a launderette, several interesting groups of housing and – A large concrete Civic Centre, built in the early 1970s under the auspices of the Mayor JT Farrimond, the foundation stone laid by Alderman Ernest Ball on 22nd April … Continue reading Wigan – Civic Centre

Laundrette – Welshpool

When walking the streets of Welshpool, one often finds oneself outside. Outside a launderette. I paused. The porch was decorated by the most enchanting mosaic, Vickery and Co. Hosiers, Hatters and Outfitters. Politely, ever so politely, I asked the two local lads if they would step aside from their porch perch one moment, I snapped. And … Continue reading Laundrette – Welshpool