eight laundrettes

It began on an aimless walk out of Wigan on through Frimley, I found heaven on earth in the warm enfolding arms of the Washeteria. A perfectly preserved fascia, interior and machines, more by diffident neglect than good management. Signature wood effect and patterned Formica panelling, over earnest signs demanding the highest standards of personal … Continue reading eight laundrettes

Suds Laundrette – Levenshulme

We have entered a new age – the age of the A6 based computer generated A4 Blu-Tack attached laminated print out. An informal typography for the age of informality – long gone the etched plastic, hand rendered fascia days of yore. This is now one of many launderama dramas – my sole intent to record … Continue reading Suds Laundrette – Levenshulme

Laundrette – Welshpool

When walking the streets of Welshpool, one often finds oneself outside. Outside a launderette. I paused. The porch was decorated by the most enchanting mosaic, Vickery and Co. Hosiers, Hatters and Outfitters. Politely, ever so politely, I asked the two local lads if they would step aside from their porch perch one moment, I snapped. And … Continue reading Laundrette – Welshpool

Laundrette – Emlyn West Wales

You could be in the middle of nowhere. You are in the middle of nowhere. Though never six feet from a rat, or a mile from a main road. Moments away from a laundrette. Imagine my amazement, on arrival in a town straddling the border of the counties of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire in west Wales and lying … Continue reading Laundrette – Emlyn West Wales

Laundrette – Rhayader

There is a sign. An Illuminated sign. There are signs. Handwritten signs – notices, instructions, scribbled hurriedly, underlined, highlighted, boxed for emphasis. Taped up. There are machines, top loaders, best left half empty. Terrazzo floor, leatherette banquette. Out of disorder comes out of order. Close the door when you leave

Ashton under Lyne – Laundrette

Cycling along Curzon Road one sunny Sunday afternoon, I found to my surprise, facing me across the Whiteacre Road junction. – An empty yet extant launderette. One lone drier tumbling, lonely – an absence of presence, save myself. The usual spartan interior almost unkempt, enlivened by four legged, almost alien, ovalish plastic laundry baskets. A sunlit shimmer … Continue reading Ashton under Lyne – Laundrette

Rex Launderette

318 Slade Lane Levenshulme Manchester M19 2BY Following a brief interregnum we’re back in the soapy study world of the local launderette. One of many Rex operations – including those which I visited in Hull and Hull. I am of course nationally and internationally renowned as Rex Launderette – author of the multi-ward winning eight … Continue reading Rex Launderette

REX Launderette Hull #2

Having been to REX Launderette #1 – seemed rude not to visit REX Launderette #2. It’s a ways up the road on foot and then you can jump the bus back. Give it a go!

REX Launderette Hull #1

Having made my name as the #1 laundrette snapper in the land with my runaway sell-out publication eight laundrettes. I continue to casually record the typology should the occasion arise. Last Tuesday afternoon returning from Hessle on the 56 bus, I caught sight of the REX. So I was duty bound to return on the … Continue reading REX Launderette Hull #1

The Clean Scene – Denton

75 Manchester Rd Denton Manchester M34 2AF Not unusually, whilst on my way somewhere else, quite by chance, I came upon The Clean Scene. Sadly soon to be CLOSSING DOWN. Pleas such as: Are you open Christmas Eve I need the dryers – will from hereon in remained unanswered. Having almost abandoned the wet and … Continue reading The Clean Scene – Denton

Hastings 2015

I had completed my journey from Weston super Mare, with a final day’s cycle ride from Eastbourne and had two days to spare. So I took some time to have a mooch around and this dear readers is what I did see. I have snapped the seafront shelters previously and put together one post after … Continue reading Hastings 2015

Dartmouth to Exmouth

Wake up Steve put the mini-kettle on! Get down for breakfast – I personally regret the untimely passing of fried bread and the appearance of the so-called hash brown. Originally, the full name of the dish was hashed brown potatoes or hashed browned potatoes, of which the first known mention is by American food author Maria … Continue reading Dartmouth to Exmouth

Clacton to Great Yarmouth

Day four Thursday 4th September 2014 – leaving Clacton on Sea for Frinton on Sea is the equivalent of crossing continents, time zones, aesthetic and social sensibilities. Leaving the razzle-dazzle, frantic fish and chip frazzle, for the sedate repose of germ free Frinton. Green sward and restrained modernist shelters adorn the foreshore. I love the … Continue reading Clacton to Great Yarmouth

Launderette – Hull

Whilst walking down Beverley Road I caught sight of of you out of the corner of my eye – my left eye. My beautiful laundrette: In this damn country, which we hate and love, you can get anything you want, it’s all spread out and available. That’s why I believe in England. Set back slightly from the road and … Continue reading Launderette – Hull

Best Launderette – Brunswick Street Manchester

I was out walking on the corner one day. I spied some old washing. In the doorway it lay. Well there was a doorway, but no door. There was a door, but not attached to the doorway. Well there was washing, I had inadvertently found the Best Laundrette. Unattended, seemingly unloved, washing spinning happily, unobserved. Guantanamo … Continue reading Best Launderette – Brunswick Street Manchester

The Wash Inn – Hastings

Standing alone in an unattended laundrette can be a chilling experience, a heightened state of awareness abounds, accentuating that all pervasive absence of presence. The unseen hand, that write the notes, that speak to you in emphatic hurried caps, pinned or taped precisely on the walls. The ghosts of clothes, still warm, now gone. A Proust defying amalgam of … Continue reading The Wash Inn – Hastings

Wigan – Washeteria

I loved it. In the United Kingdom known as launderettes or laundrettes, and in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand as laundromats or washeterias, and in Frimley too it would appear. George Edward Penury created the word laundromat for Westinghouse. According to NALI the National Association of the Launderette Industry, numbers peaked at 12,500 … Continue reading Wigan – Washeteria