Ups ‘n’ Downs – Stockport

Ups ‘n’ Downs, it’s had its share of ups and downs.

Quite literally – the former Wellington Inn has an upside facing onto the busy A6 Wellington Road, and a downside opening onto Mersey Square.

Its fortunes similarly something of a rollercoaster ride, from busy town centre pub, to edgy pseudo-club, populated by late night uniformed bus drivers, swaying on the metre square dance floor.

Latterly something of a disco party bus, going nowhere fast.

Known variously as Glitz, Bentley’s and the Bees Knees.

Finally, partial occupation by a forlorn pound shop – defying economic trends by closing.

An architectural curiosity and a blank faced, gap toothed greeting to the Town’s visitors, there is talk of conversion to flats under the council’s stewardship.

It seems like up to me.

3 thoughts on “Ups ‘n’ Downs – Stockport

  1. Used to drink in there a dn DJ downstairs at Archies. It was definitely haunted, not that I believe in all that, but somethings are hard to explain!!!


    1. Wow – I actually lived here briefly in the early 80’s as a small child…the accommodation upstairs was HUGE… parents ran it for a while (they worked for a brewery)…. I used to go to the skateboarding place opposite on Mersey Square….I found it exciting ! Such a shame it’s gone to the dogs….it was super-busy and the nightclub always packed when we were there….definitely haunted and my big brother swears blind he saw a ufo one night !


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