Launderette – Stalybridge

Tucked away in an arcade, far from Arcadian – not far from Baz’s Off Licence.

The launderette.

Yet another testament to the partial persistence of industrial technology.

No Longer in Use.

A happy hotch-potch of signs, surfaces and sixties design.

Informal formica, stripped bare strip lighting, wobbly laminate walls.

Watch and wait, whilst the World and your washing whirl.


DSC_0073 copy

DSC_0074 copy

DSC_0075 copy

DSC_0072 copy

DSC_0098 copy

DSC_0084 copy

DSC_0076 copy

DSC_0091 copy

DSC_0089 copy

DSC_0096 copy

DSC_0088 copy

DSC_0078 copy

DSC_0086 copy

DSC_0080 copy

DSC_0094 copy

DSC_0082 copy

DSC_0081 copy

DSC_0097 copy

DSC_0083 copy

DSC_0077 copy

DSC_0101 copy

DSC_0100 copy

DSC_0085 copy

DSC_0079 copy

DSC_0092 copy

DSC_0090 copy

DSC_0093 copy

DSC_0102 copy


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