Sandhills – Collyhurst

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So this is Sand Street, on the edge of Sandhills, former equatorial Permian desert, former sandstone quarry, former Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, current country park.

I have written elsewhere of your particular peculiarities – Particulations.


P1040375 copy

P1040332 copy

P1040376 copy

P1040343 copy

P1040363 copy

P1040342 copy

P1040362 copy

Trying its level best to keep up appearances, through the vicissitudinal ups and downs of these most austere of times.

Criss-crossed by rail and tram, under arch, tunnel and viaduct we go, in search of who knows what.


P1040356 copy

P1040387 copy

P1040357 copy

P1040377 copy

P1040378 copy

P1040379 copy

P1040372 copy

Come on down enjoy the view.


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