Manchester – Pomona the Last Lost Posts

Things come and go.

A former dock has surely seen its fair share of life’s ins and outs.

Things have gone.


Over your cities grass will grow.

Greening the ground.

The last lost posts still stand.

3 thoughts on “Manchester – Pomona the Last Lost Posts

  1. Pomona is not actually in Manchester it is in Stretford’s Old Trafford district which has never been part of Manchester, it is now part of Trafford and they are the planning authority. Only 10% of Pomona is in Manchester and this included no 1 Dock but even the tip of that dock was in Stretford. Pomona Dock was built much shallower than the Salford/Manchester Main Docks and could not take large ships only small coasters used it like the Guinness boat that docked next to the bottling plant.


  2. Thanks for the info Bill I believe the majority of the snaps are in the Manchester 10%, I may well return to check just as soon as the weather picks up, perhaps I’ll just call it Peelville and have done with it.


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