Stockport – Pillar Boxes

I’m ashamed to say I pass by you almost every day, yet never even break step to say hello.

On occasion I’ve paused to post a card or letter, yet never let-on.

Things are about to change.

Today I stopped, stared and snapped – hot footed it home to read all about you, yes you.

Just you two.

A pair of Type G EIIR pillar boxes – it say so here.

Royal Mail Post Boxes – A joint policy statement

Developed from an earlier design of 1968 by David Mellor, so he’s almost your dad!


He has a shop, factory, heritage installation, exhibits in the Design Museum and a well kept grave, sadly he passed in 2009, I don’t suppose anybody bothered to tell you.

Wallpaper (asterix) magazine wrote all about him and his Hathersage Heritage.


They even make mugs to commemorate you and your kind, you and your British Colour Colour Council BS538 post office red complexion, don’t look so embarrassed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 15.33.12

The British Colour Council was founded in 1931 in an attempt to standardise colours in use by government and industry throughout the UK. Official indexes of British Standard colours, each given its own colour name and number, began to be produced.

So here you are, my two new friends, ignorance is not bliss.

Posting is.



One thought on “Stockport – Pillar Boxes

  1. I used to live in Stockport. They’re a fine pair of boxes.

    Thanks for linking to the policy statement – hopefully all that about not relocating unless they have to and not disposing if a box can be refurbished means the box that stood on Water Street by the Saab garage will be reinstated. It’s my favourite post box.


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