Methodist Church – Heald Green

Welcome to Heald Green, cycling from Stockport to the Airport along Sustrans Route 558, you will find an unexpected surprise, rendered just a little less surprising.

A Methodist Church.

There is little or no information concerning its authorship or origins, but an internet search did yield a free 3D model:


My thanks to Cath the cleaner for her time and hospitality – allowing me to snap the interior as we chatted about this and that.

Pop in if you’re passing, she’s there most days.

There are some intriguing exterior and interior details.

P1050978 copy

P1050979 copy

P1050981 copy

P1050982 copy

P1050984 copy

P1050985 copy

P1050986 copy

P1050987 copy

P1050989 copy

P1050990 copy

P1050991 copy

P1050992 copy

P1050993 copy

P1050994 copy

P1050997 copy

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