Manchester – Tanzaro House

A chance meeting with two aged cordial bottles, a little nudge in the right direction from Christine Studley-Yates, encouragement from Natalie Ainscough, and learned guidance from this erudite site:

Here we are on the edge of Ardwick Green, outside Tanzaro House, former home of Jewsbury and Brown – J&B.

So called as many of their soft drinks were branded Tanzaro.

tanzaro ad

J&B are long gone, bought out by Schweppes in 1964 – the building is now home to a range of photographic, clothing and design studios. Happily the majority of the internal and external architectural features remain intact.

It stands in a small corner of Manchester, surrounded by a rich variety of architectural styles, by the side of a well-used public park – take a trip down there, just a moment away from the city centre.

DSC_0033 copy 2

DSC_0010 copy

DSC_0028 copy

DSC_0015 copy

DSC_0003 copy

DSC_0004 copy

DSC_0030 copy

DSC_0022 copy

DSC_0031 copy

DSC_0021 copy

DSC_0034 copy

DSC_0014 copy

DSC_0012 copy

DSC_0035 copy

DSC_0024 copy

DSC_0009 copy

DSC_0026 copy

DSC_0013 copy

DSC_0017 copy

DSC_0037 copy

DSC_0018 copy

DSC_0008 copy

DSC_0011 copy

DSC_0016 copy

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