Preston Bus Station – Step Inside Love

Much has been written, snapped and said about the exterior of this fine building, so much so that its primary function is often forgotten or overlooked.

Architectural tourism aside, day in day out, people and things are moved from here to there, shelter and information are provided as standard.

Sustenance is offered, in one form or another.

DSC_0243 copy

After all’s said and done, and snapped it is a bus station.

What do you expect?

DSC_0194 copy

DSC_0221 copy

DSC_0246 copy

DSC_0248 copy

DSC_0260 copy

P1020506 copy

P1020508 copy

P1020509 copy

P1020538 copy

P1020541 copy

P1020542 copy

P1020547 copy

P1020549 copy

P1020550 copy

P1020552 copy

P1020554 copy

P1020562 copy

P1020567 copy

P1020571 copy

P1020573 copy


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