Laundrette – Rhayader

There is a sign.

An Illuminated sign.

There are signs.

Handwritten signs – notices, instructions, scribbled hurriedly, underlined, highlighted, boxed for emphasis.

Taped up.

There are machines, top loaders, best left half empty.

Terrazzo floor, leatherette banquette.

Out of disorder comes out of order.

P1070160 copy

P1070139 copy

P1070143 copy

P1070144 copy

P1070151 copy

P1070147 copy

P1070153 copy

P1070142 copy

P1070159 copy

P1070140 copy

P1070156 copy

P1070154 copy

P1070145 copy

P1070163 copy

P1070141 copy

P1070162 copy

P1070165 copy

P1070148 copy

P1070150 copy

P1070161 copy

P1070149 copy

P1070155 copy

P1070146 copy

P1070152 copy

P1070157 copy

P1070164 copy

Close the door when you leave

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