Manchester – Brunswick Parish Church

You don’t have to go far out off town to discover the unfamiliar familiar.

Tucked betwixt and between Chorlton on Medlock and Ardwick, is Brunswick, so near and yet so far, from the booming cosmopolis.

At its heart, a solid brick modernist church, built to serve the new social housing estates that surround it. Bold curves, angled interlocking volumes, an warmly lit interior space with a dynamic timber roof, and a dramatic arc of tiered seating.

Perhaps you’ve never passed by, perhaps you’ve never noticed.

Operating as a community centre and place of worship, it continues to serve the area well.

I was given the warmest of welcomes by the staff and clerics, thanks.

Simon the vicar says: Please don’t get us grade two listed.

Pop in set a spell.

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P1030798 copy

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P1030795 copy

P1030799 copy

P1030815 copy

P1030805 copy

P1030787 copy

P1030808 copy

P1030796 copy

P1030788 copy

P1030792 copy

P1030802 copy

P1030786 copy

P1030817 copy

P1030790 copy

P1030813 copy

P1030814 copy

P1030803 copy

P1030791 copy

P1030789 copy

P1030797 copy


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