The Bullring – Liverpool

I love walking around the Bullring, there are no bulls, just students.

What was once imagined as inter-war social housing, a proud public utopia for you and me, is now a temporary pied-à-terre for them and their owners.

Built in 1935 as part of the city’s expansion of council homes, a time and place very much in thrall, to the then current developments in German Modernism.

DSC_0173 copy

It was one of many such developments across Liverpool, as outlined here:

In this detailed post by Municipal Dreams.

St Andrews Gardens, aka The Bullring is the sole survivor.


In 1967 the residents turned out in force to celebrate the opening of the very close by Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.


Faces now faded, the lost warm, wide smiles and pretty paper flowers of post-war dreams.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 20.47.34

Seen here on film.

Go take a walk today through a past and a future which we all still deserve.

There is still the sense of a magical space and possibilities as yet unrealised

God Bless Our Pope

3 thoughts on “The Bullring – Liverpool

  1. I found your post on the Bullring when searching for some up-to-date info on this architectural gem. We’ve just come back from a week in Liverpool and, among other specimens of the 20’s and 30’s, we wanted to see the said building but unfortunatelly, we were asked to leave the court by a young lady who, on seeing us strolling around and taking pictures, emerged from a low building in the centre of the court. The gate from the Copperas Hill was wide open, there was no ‘No trespassing’ or ‘Private Property’ sign the gate, and what is more, the Blue Plaque describing the building is on the wall of the right-hand side service pavillion inside the court, suggesting that access for tourists is open. I must admit we were entirely confused and flabergasted by the woman’s firm assertion and we left the premises. Would you have any knowledge on whether the Bullring is open to tourists to admire from the inner court.


    1. So sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience Jacek, on my visits I have walked around unhindered, spoken to staff and residents, taken photographs and been made welcome. There are times when some individuals are over zealous I suppose. I will enquire further on my next visit and try to find a more official answer to your question.


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