Humberston Fitties 2021

Here we are again.

Having visited in 2008, I returned in April 2021 to wander this magical area and take some more snaps.

Previously on Modern Mooch.

In the interim the ownership of the estate has changed hands, passing from the local authority to private ownership.

Tingdene are now responsible for the site.

Council chiefs remain tight-lipped on how much Northamptonshire-based Tingdene paid for the site but it is estimated to be more than Ā£2 million.

Grimsby Telegraph

Accordingly costs have risen, some tenants are displeased.

During Covid restrictions the demand for coastal property has increased, the gentle gentrification has begun.

New build, restoration and the national pandemic of home improvement are all apparent, changing the nature of the formerly informal architecture.

Take a look

4 thoughts on “Humberston Fitties 2021

  1. Steve, I completely love this suite of pictures, of a place I’ve never come across before. Thanks for posting. Blimey, those lucky people! I wish them all well.


  2. Wow! What a brilliant and fascinating set of photographs. Iā€™m sure you had fun re-exploring the site again. Great work and great to see šŸ‘šŸ˜€
    Best wishes
    Mr C


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