Okehampton – Car Wash and Go

Early morning on the A30 out of Okehampton and something is beginning to stir.

Two inscrutable Romanians and a curious garrulous traveller are going about their respective business.

They – filling buckets and arranging a complex array of cleaning fluids.

Me –  just mooching with a compact camera.

Initially expressing an understandable resistance to my snappy ways, their consent was granted, following a series of complex hand gestures, smiles, and an open and honest request.

Moments later my job was done and theirs had just begun.

Wash and go!

P1010258 copy

P1010268 copy

P1010262 copy

P1010264 copy

P1010269 copy

P1010254 copy

P1010265 copy

P1010256 copy

P1010261 copy

P1010259 copy

P1010267 copy

P1010263 copy

P1010260 copy

P1010257 copy

P1010266 copy

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