Sheila Gregory Hair Stylist – Manchester

142 Oldham Road Failsworth Manchester M35 0HP

I’m in a different world:

A world I never knew, I’m in a different world.
A world so sweet and true, I’m in a different world

A world of rollers, pins, grips, hair dryers and drying hair.

A world permanently waving at itself.

My thanks to Sheila – sixty years a stylist and her customers for allowing me into their world for a short time – a privilege and a pleasure.

Little seems to have changed here within – on the corner of Oldham Road and Mellor Street.

Let’s take a little look.

Shelia’s certificates of 1962 – so proudly displayed.

6 thoughts on “Sheila Gregory Hair Stylist – Manchester

  1. It is so grubby , yuck!
    When I taught at Bury Arts and Crafts Centre there was a salon right at the top of the building. It was a complete time warp, 1960s , black and tiled linoleum, early 1960s furniture, mirrors and other fittings. It was barely used, it would have been excellent for a film set…I don’t whether it was ever used. It was actually it was rather creepy….


  2. Many many years ago I ventured into an old fashioned hairdressers in Bristol while visiting the city. I took what I hoped would be an interesting set of shots with my trusty film camera the Pentax K1000 and then somehow managed to lose the roll of film! This blog post very much reminded me of that excursion and the regret that I never actually got to see the photographs from that day!
    Thanks for another great set of images.
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂


  3. I was always amazed this place still existed and wondered what it was like inside – now i know!

    Passing by today I’ve noticed It’s up for auction, not sure of the circumstances but it’ll be a shame to see a piece of local history disappear.


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