George’s Barbers – Manchester

7 Paton Street M1 2BA

I came here on February 25th 2014, arrived early the shop was still closed, I’ll pop back.

Walked around the block and found that true to his word, he had re-opened.

I explained my intentions, asking to spend some time in the salon, chat and take some snaps as he worked away.

He was more than happy to accommodate my needs, he worked, we chatted, I snapped. This was some seven years ago now, typically, I forgot to make any written notes. Suffice to say he had been there some 48 years finally retiring on Christmas Eve 2014.

As city centre Manchester changes for good or for bad, the likelihood of a neighbourhood barber appearing is negligible. It was a privilege to spend some time with George, one of many Cypriot immigrants who found work here between and after the wars, we were more than happy to welcome him here.

Let’s take a look around.

A companion to Marilyn and Sheila.

7 thoughts on “George’s Barbers – Manchester

  1. A remarkable essay. Thank you so much. It puts me in mind of the barber shops in Fitzrovia where I would get a hair cut when working in McCann Erickson. The whole area was blessed with Cypriots doing one thing or another including barbering and making great kebabs!
    Happy new year


  2. HI may I recommend it takes some finding but the collective have a series on Shop Fronts , and the work of sirkka-liisa konttinen is stunning / I think the Manchester Modernists should do a join event ? also a complete 1950/60 barbers shop in store at Beamish museum , again lovely images , keep smiling everyone adrian


    1. Thanks Mr A – yes I have visited the Amber folk at the Side Gallery and met Sirkka-Liisa one time a remarkable resource. There was an Amber exhibition in Newcastle some time ago cracking catalogue too, stay well – Steve


  3. Hi there, I am the grandson of the owner of George’s barbers, I was wondering if you took any other pictures which you did not post which you could send me copies of by any chance? This would be very much appreciated. Hope to hear back.


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