The Wash Tub Levenshulme – Manchester

When is a washtub not a washtub – self evidently when it doesn’t wash.

This is the land of the decommissioned washer – cash box removed, unrepurposed, demure and decorative yet sadly redundant.

This is a dry only facility its surfaces inert, frozen in time, its sign declaiming pointless imperatives to nobody in particular.

Worn lino, prosaic mosaic, strip lighting, wood-grained Formica, black wooden benches backed up against the warmth of the warm drier – time becomes elastic, limitless.

Enter at your own peril, Persil in hand prepare to be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “The Wash Tub Levenshulme – Manchester

  1. Great stuff! Another great set of launderette shots 🙂
    I’ve just finished putting a couple of posts up on one of my blogs that I call Forty Five. It’s a site where I invite fellow photographers to contribute images following a certain set of rules (which are explained on the site). Some people also supply words describing their experience but just images are fine with perhaps date, time and place. Anyway I thought I’d extend the invite to yourself. Having started the site a couple of years ago I then neglected it and was sparked into action when a previous contributor posted a ‘Forty Five’ on his site. I have since added it to the Forty Five blog site along with a couple of new ones from me and the latest is a result of a chance conversation with an unknown fellow photographer!
    Everyone who has participated in Forty Five has enjoyed the experience and so I thought I’d drop you a message to see if it’s something you might like to try. It takes away all of the parameters we usually like to control when taking photographs which makes things interesting.
    Should you be interested to take a look the link is below. Even if you don’t wish to contribute to the site you might find the exercise interesting.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Launderette images and the rest of the work you put up on your site. I really enjoy seeing your photographs. You seem to get around a lot…!
    Best wishes
    Mr C


  2. More than happy to have a go – send me the script I’ll get started. Yes I do get about, I’m out “working” on something or other most days. Thanks for your kind words and support – Steve


  3. Great! The ‘rules’ for the project are on the ‘What is Forty Five page’ so take a look at that on the link above and get the lowdown on how it works. If after you’ve had a go you would be happy to share them on the Forty Five site then the images can be dropboxed to me or emailed. Just make sure they are in order they were taken so that they can be posted in sequence. The latest post by Martin has words with it but if you are less happy to contribute words then just images is absolutely fine. I hope you enjoy doing a Forty Five. I will look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂


  4. Great Stuff. Please don’t stop producing. This is the kind of granular history that gets lost, because it so common no one bothers to record it.


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