Liverpool – The New Penny Farthing

89 Roe St – tucked into the side of the sprawling St John’s Centre car park and a cosily withdrawn corner of the Royal Court Theatre.

The New Penny Farthing.


A name which instantly evokes arcane loose change and strange bicycles.

Each time as I pass I’m drawn in, yet never enter.

Amazed by the array of ever changing signage, happy hours abound.

It’s a happy house, we’re happy here.

A dark drinking den awaits within, the daytime drinker abides, imbibing.

Stay new.

P1030207 copy

P1030209 copy

P1030829 copy

P1030206 copy

P1030828 copy

P1030215 copy

P1050539 copy

P1030208 copy

P1030203 copy

P1050537 copy

P1030835 copy

P1030213 copy

P1030830 copy

P1030832 copy

P1030216 copy

P1030214 copy

P1030210 copy

P1030205 copy

P1030833 copy

P1030211 copy

P1050536 copy

P1030831 copy

P1030838 copy

P1030212 copy

P1030834 copy

P1000715 copy

P1030837 copy

P1050538 copy


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