Launderette – Hull

Whilst walking down Beverley Road I caught sight of of you out of the corner of my eye – my left eye.

My beautiful laundrette:

In this damn country, which we hate and love, you can get anything you want, it’s all spread out and available.

That’s why I believe in England.

Set back slightly from the road and the rest of the world.

Queens Road a street with an incident packed street view.

Without hesitation I entered the world of washing, soap and suds, signs and surfaces.

Dirty linen has never been so public.

One thought on “Launderette – Hull

  1. Used this launderette for years while living in Pearson Park in the late 00s. Your comment about dirty laundry never being more public couldn’t be more apt since the lady running it used to make a point about engaging me in conversation about the most intimate details of her health and relationships, knowing she had a captive audience until my clothes stopped spinning. Fond (ish) memories of her on/off partner watching the place for her one week and insisting I come into the back room and get stoned with him while he regaled me with tales of random violence. Next saw him on the front page of the Hull Daily Mail a couple years later having been done for a fairly hideous offence.

    Aside from that, was brought here by your post on the Alexandra Hotel and ended up going through the rest of your Hull posts. Absolutely love the pictures and the light you’ve shone on overlooked parts of the city.


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