Hull to Hessle – Humber Estuary Walk

Overcast and grey – heading headlong into the prevailing westerly.

This is just the day to walk from Hull to Hessle.

From the recently renovated early morning, empty piazzas of Hull Marina to the foot of the Humber bridge.

To the left the interminable rippling brown surface of the river, relentlessly heading out to sea.

To the right a modern melange of working docks – shipping aggregates and timber, hither and thither.

The vacant haunts of fisher folk no longer casting nets, forever and a day.

Disused and decayed warehousing, betrayed by the coming of the container, home now to the Urbex snapper and itinerate tagger.

Out of town retail parks fuelled by debt.

Dried up reed beds swaying beneath the weight of the wind.

The suspended bed of the bridge, floating high above the waters, far below.

Take a walk with me now.

6 thoughts on “Hull to Hessle – Humber Estuary Walk

  1. Seeing my City documented through fresh eyes, the silted up docks that where once thriving with the goodness of honest labour.The people are gone ,their memories fade.End of the line some may say,Gateway to Europe I say.The tide is turning ,hopefully the people’s oppressors will see the folly of their ways and reimagine this blighted coastline and bring back the pride she rightly deserves.


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