Back to Beswicks

You’re never more than a thousand yards from a main road, six feet from a rat, or a quarter of a mile from Beswick, one of many Beswicks.


Beswick was once a bustling mixed industrial and residential area of east Manchester, alive with back to back terraced housing, pubs, clubs, shops and people.

Sixties slum clearance swept away most of its past when Fort Beswick was built.


Remember the Alamo?

Forget Fort Beswick.

It’s gone – wind the Bobbin up.

The Bobbin copy

Turn it into a Library

Beswick Library

Wind the library up


Build another


Call the Police!

But the Police Station has closed now, and moved further on.


There are traces of the past that remain, homes and pubs that have survived the revival.

Where is Beswick now?

On the edges of the Eastland’s dream, on the outside of everything.

Sheik Mansour ensures the construction of a brand new shiny world.

The private provision of an almost public space.


Everyone knows this is nowhere.

But Beswick?

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