Needwood Close – Collyhurst

Deep in the heart, just on the edge of central Manchester, there exists a dilemma.

Once a place of full employment and home occupation, time has not been kind to Collyhurst. Work is scarce and the area blighted by a reputation for crime and social problems. Yet it sits by an area of inner city wealth, economic expansion and a growing professional class.

The plan is to expand this growth outside of the fringes of city and into north Manchester, since 2008 this has been the stated aim of the local authority. Tram stops, academies, and retail parks apart, change seems slow to arrive.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 13.54.30

There is a chronic shortage of public funding and seemingly an absence of private capital and speculative development – life is elsewhere.

In the mean time there are properties tinned up awaiting a new dawn.

Needwood Close is one such example.

P1040450 copy

P1040451 copy

P1040453 copy

P1040458 copy

P1040459 copy

P1040460 copy

P1040465 copy

P1040466 copy

P1040468 copy

P1040469 copy

P1040476 copy

P1040477 copy

P1040480 copy

P1040483 copy


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