Gorsey Bank – Stockport #3

Once there were homes – 200 homes tucked between the M60, River Mersey and A560 Stockport Road.



I’ve been here before, many times, seen those homes demolished and the site returning  to nature, brambled and overgrown, as the long standing lampposts disappeared for scrap, the kerbs covered in thick grass and moss.

DSC_0011 copy

Then the diggers arrived, the trees felled and the site cleared – no longer any trace remained of the lost homes of Gorsey Bank.

P1100079 copy

Building commences, steel erected, fences, roads and paths instated.

P1110236 copy

Welcome to the Aurora Industrial Park – open for business.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 15.38.37

Emerging from the houses, the undergrowth, the Mersey clay and sandstone – a shiny new assemblage of state of the art industrial sheds. I’ll  wander by from time to time, listen to the ghostly chatter of busy neighbours, going about their business.

Wait for the trees and brambles to take over again.




















One thought on “Gorsey Bank – Stockport #3

  1. I got serious pangs of nostalgia reading this trilogy. Not being originally from the area I was greeted by Gorsey Bank around 2003 while getting to know the locale better. Seen as a place where nature could be seen in action, season by season, remanufacturing fresh soil, offering new homes to wildlife by way of tree and bank and offering dog walkers and alike a little area for adventure. I researched this place too and went through a stage of re homing some of the botanicals left where gardens once were kept fenced and maintained. I have a Gorsey Bank rose, a Lilac and corms from crocosmia plus a few of those massive brambles that grew along the club which I have been making wine from since 2005 ish. Had I learned other propagation techniques in time I could of saved some other specimens by airlayering the apple trees that gave me a bathtub full of sweet eaters one season and in part fuelled a backpacking trip over Dartmoor in the form of thin dehydrated apple slices. There was the midland hawthorn on the corner with great big fleshy red fruits on them every autumn and that beautiful light pink flowering cherry that once stood close to the pavilion side . Home to the cave row, with access to the river from both sides and wasteground a plenty, an old bottlebank site discovered by someone and relieved of its treasures and scrap metal hunters heaven with a mile of steel palacade fencing. Gorsey bank gave me plenty of hours of quality mooching. Had 2 very strange experiences while visiting Gorsey Bank too, once having to make my way back from Trafford by foot I used the mersey as my route and coming up through the bank via the then new green foot bridge the wrong side of dusk, I kept hearing the sound of footsteps behind me and no one in site just the sound of mine and someone elses footsteps. The other time I was walking the loop one evening with a friend and while we were walking we both experienced strange air temps going from hot dry dropping to freezing damp over the course of a few feet, wierd. Seen it more recently and its a lifeless place, time before that me and the same friend watched trees being removed in seconds using a grab saw on a 14tonner, very sad to see that place change to what it has.


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