Rochdale Road – Manchester

Each and every time I wandered by, I wondered.

The whys and wherefores of your seemingly unknowable comings and goings.

Standing alone, aloof and unloved on the corner of Rochdale Road and Sudell Street.

Something was missing.

I was missing something.


In 1813 there’s a field


In 1836 something’s there, but not it’s you.



By 1900 the days of the two up, two downs are numbered – sanitary dwellings are the order of the day, plans are drawn up, the local council have decreed that workers dwellings are to be built.





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Local Image Collection

Known as Alexandra Place or The Dwellings.

You must have been home to many too many to recall, then you were gone again.

Save for one old triangle, refusing to jingle jangle to the modern dance.

I do not know what fate awaits you, I only know you must be strong.

A change is gonna come.

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P1290089 copy

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14 thoughts on “Rochdale Road – Manchester

  1. Please try to save this beautiful building ,or what’s left of it..they saved harpurhey baths with a similar facade. And not it’s a prosperous building for students, whilst keeping our favourite memory alive..


  2. Please save this wonderful old building it’s part of Manchester’s heritage and so much has been lost and destroyed.😥


  3. The scaffolding is up and work to redevelop it will soon be on the way
    I believe its to be a b&b or there about
    Lets wait and see
    At least it will be used once again


  4. I’ve just found your blog while researching the address- I’m looking into my family tree and I’ve discovered that my grandparents lived here in Alexandra Place when my dad was born. This article is brilliant


  5. My Gran lived there. Her Mother died when she was only 3 in 1909 and by the time she was 9 her father my great grandfather died in WWI Dardanelles 1915 Years later my Mother started her first job after leaving school circa 1955 in the part that remained as it was used as offices.


  6. I was born in the dwelling in 1952 and we were moved out in 1959 so they could modernise them which meant putting electricity in them I can still remember the gas lighting


  7. That was a very interesting read. I grew up in Abbott Street, Collyhurst and knew this building (from the outside…) for many years. In 1970 I migrated with my small children to Australia and then returned in 1979 when they were grown a bit. I went to register with the Housing Department and they sent me to look at a flat, and I was astonished to find this building was still there. However, despite them being “renovated” I found the flat that they offered me was in quite poor condition, so for the sake of my children I politely refused it. I stayed living with my Mam and Gran for almost a year in Cheetham Hill then decided to return to Australia. Has anything new happened to them recently…?


  8. I get my tyres repaired across the road from there. Today I looked at it again in wonder, and turned down the one way road so I could circumnavigate it! Then I jumped into google to try and find something out. I found this! I love this building and what you’ve written. It now has been fully re-glazed. I like to imagine some awesome open floor loft style living space. I want to adopt the whole thing. It’s epic. Thanks for unearthing the history! John


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