Georges Road Stockport

Once they built a railroad.

The Cheshire Lines Committee CLC operated Stockport, Timperley and Altrincham Junction Railway line from Portwood to Skelton Junction, a section of what became the Woodley to Glazebrook line.

It remained a part of the CLC, which was jointly owned from 1923 by the London and North Eastern Railway  and the London Midland and Scottish Railway , until 1948 when it became part of the British Railways London Midland Region.

Closed in 1982, following the demise of the Woodhead route; the track was subsequently lifted in 1986.

The blue arrow indicates the Tiviot Dale Station.

in the age of steam mainline St Pancras trains and local stoppers flew by.

My interest lies in the small portion of track at the end of Georges Road – I worked as a Guide Bridge goods guard in and out of the scrap yard there, in the Seventies.

Now I walk past almost every day and it’s almost all gone.

The bridge which it supported now demolished, time called long ago in the long lost Gardeners Arms – originally a Bell’s Brewery pub latterly a Robinsons house.

What remains is a triangular island faced in glazed and blue engineer’s brick, topped out with trees.

I have entertained the idea of accessing the area by ladder, exploring and possibly setting up camp – though I think the proximity to an almost constant flow of traffic, would prove less than commodious.

It evokes for me an elevated affinity with Ballard’s Concrete Island.

He reached the foot of the embankment, and waved with one arm, shouting at the few cars moving along the westbound carriageway. None of the drivers could see him, let alone hear his dry-throated croak, and Maitland stopped, conserving his strength. He tried to climb the embankment, but within a few steps collapsed in a heap on the muddy slope.

So here it is as is complete with tags, signs, cracks and all.

It remains as a monument to those who built and worked on the railway.

9 thoughts on “Georges Road Stockport

  1. Must pass this area once a week at least. Loved to have seen it in all it’s glory but didn’t move up here till Nov 86. Just missed it 😦

    Love the site – right up my street all this. Thanks for the articles.


  2. One sunday morning I called into the Ambulance station for a brew, about 1983 , there was a huge bang whilst I was there , ran out to find some of the cladding had come off the bridge and blocked the road . The followig day the bridge was dropped


  3. I used to walk here with my mum and dad in the late 60s and early 70s my dad was a railwayman had we lived for a time in a railway cottage at the bottom of a dirt road near the river and the railway Line . The cottages were called west view and you got to them via Brighton road by the side of the shops .


  4. Do you know what the bricked up entrances and windows were at the top end of Georges Road (on your left as you turn onto the A6)?


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