Bathing Pool – Tynemouth

I had cycled by on a journey from Newcastle to Amble.

I returned to take a closer look.

At the Southern end of Tynemouth Longsands beach, on the North East coast, lies the decaying remains of Tynemouth Outdoor Swimming Pool. A concrete, rectangular, salt water tidal pool, built in the 1920s. Popular with locals and holiday makers alike for over 50 years. It began to lose favour in the late 70s with the introduction of cheap package holidays abroad, just as other British coastal holiday destinations lost out.

The pool fell into disrepair, and in the mid 90s the Local Authority demolished the ancillary buildings and bulldozed the rubble into the pool, at a cost of £200,000, before filling with concrete and imported boulders to form an artificial ‘rock pool’.

The anticipated marine life they introduced never flourished and the pool remains an eyesore to this day.

Friends of Tynemouth Pool

There are plans for restoration and renewal.

So that once again the merry bathers may bathe merrily.

Chronicle Live

There’s still a long way to go.

5 thoughts on “Bathing Pool – Tynemouth

  1. It’s sad to see so many of these beautiful lidos in disrepair or worse still demolished (looking at you Sheffield) but on the plus side with the increase in the popularity of outdoor swimming it’s great to see a number of those that have survived being restored so fingers crossed for Tynemouth.


  2. What is the point of restoring this crumbling old eyesore?
    It would be an utter and complete waste of funding in my opinion.
    Storm damage.
    I’m sure that many tax payers in North Tyneside would wholeheartedly agree that the area should only ever be bulldozed and landscaped; as opposed to the folly of attempting to re-create a money-pit!


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