GPO Tower – London

Well of course we’ve all been here before, haven’t we?

Well I have – I even wrote all about it right here.

The tower was designed by the architects of the Ministry of Public Building and Works: the chief architects were Eric Bedford and G. R. Yeats. Typical for its time, the building is concrete clad in glass. The narrow cylindrical shape was chosen because of the requirements of the communications aerials: the building will shift no more than 25 centimetres in wind speeds of up to 95 mph. Initially, the first 16 floors were for technical equipment and power. Above that was a 35-metre section for the microwave aerials, and above that were six floors of suites, kitchens, technical equipment and finally a cantilevered steel lattice tower. To prevent heat build-up, the glass cladding was of a special tint. The construction cost was £2.5 million.

The tower was topped out on 15 July 1964, and officially opened by the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson on 8 October 1965. The main contractor was Peter Lind & Co Ltd.


I’ve always wished to be granted entry, walk its corridors and ante rooms, sit in the revolving restaurant – take in the views.

Alas so far – no!

So I simply walk around and around, looking up – hoping.

5 thoughts on “GPO Tower – London

  1. I’ve told you before but me, mum, dad and brother went there just after it opened. We just walked in and got lift to an open air viewing platform. Dad then bought us both little plastic models of the tower, wish I still had it.


    1. Post Office Tower in the days when we had a coherent directive on communications (General Post Office) . Now we have our phone system ‘owned’ by British Telecommunications PLC who resist all attempt at accountability.
      Let’s hope they look after it so that it will be a reminder of a time when things were different for good or bad. The building is futuristic I wonder what it would think all these years later of us communicating through the same copper wire that was installed ten years before it was built (in our house that is).
      Fabulous photos, you must have spent a fair time exploring the environs and thank you for ‘posting’ .


  2. Thanks for these great photos. We live close to the Tower and see it from our living-room window. Fortunately we still love it. As local residents we’ve also been allowed in a couple of times in the last few years for special occasions. Your photographs help to reinforce our appreciation: you’ve managed to make even the Tower Tavern look handsome. The electronic messages which circle round the Tower are a feature we also enjoy; recently ‘Stay at Home etc.’ has changed – to our regret – to ‘Stay Alert.’


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