Ten Acres Lane – Manchester

Ten Acres Lane 1904 running south from Oldham Road – not quite crossing under the Ashton and Stalybridge Railway.

I was propelled by the vague memory of an Ashton Lads football match way back in the 1970s – my dad Eddie Marland managed the team in the Moston and Rusholme League.

There was land given over to recreation from 1900, the area is famed for its links to the inception of Manchester United and almost but not quite became home to FC United.

The Recreation Grounds in 1900.

To the left of the inter-war housing in 1963.

So I took a trip back in time along the lane – courtesy of the Local Image Collection.

In 1896 the area was largely farmland.

Baguley Fold Farm – occupying land adjacent to the Medlock Valley.

Farm Yard Tavern closed in 1917 a Rothwell’s pub supplied from Heath Brewery on Oldham Road.

This was an area dominated by the Rochdale Canal and criss-crossed with rail links.

The canal bridge 1904.

Construction work 1920.

These transport links and the proximity to the Manchester city centre inevitably lead to industrial development on a huge scale.

Tootal’s Mill on adjoining Bower Street.

CWS warehouse and works corner of Briscoe Lane.

Mather And Platt’s adjoining the Rochdale Canal.

The area was also home to Jackson’s Brickworks.

There was a Co-op shop.

Going going gone St Paul’s Church seen here in 1972.

Victorian terraces and inter-war social housing – homes for a large industrial work force.

Many of the sights and sites above are still extant though their appearance and uses have changed along with the times. Manchester inevitably continues to from and reform for good or ill.

Sadly the old Rec the Moston and Rusholme League and my dad are all long gone – though it’s just as well to remember them all fondly, as we travel through our familiar unfamiliar city.

8 thoughts on “Ten Acres Lane – Manchester

  1. Baguley Fold Farm, your reference mentions Thomas Leech, I think this is the Thomas Leech that owned Brownsfield Mill Ancoats where A V Roe had its workshops. He had considerable property holdings in Ancoats and Long Millgate as well as along the Rochdale Canal. He was also involved in management of the Poor Law Union Workhouse at Withington and worked from the Chorlton Union builoding on Cavendish St. His home was at Urmston.


  2. So interesting, thank you. A Moston resident from my birth in 1965 until 1985. Settled in Lincolnshire since 2008. Loved reading about my home town and looking at the wonderful photographs. I have made a career in historic buildings, so all the more fascinating. Only wish my dad was still here, he would have loved it too.


  3. I was an apprentice at Mather and Platts from 1975 to 1979. Alas this has now gone to be replaced by a bakery.The foundry and offices are now being cleared, (for what i don’t know), but i still have my memories from there. Dave the lathe. P.S. I’m still in engineering.


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