Library – Morecambe

I love libraries.

I love Morecambe.

Therefore I love Morecambe library.

Built and opened in 1967, designed by the County Architect  Roger Booth who was also responsible for a whole host of buildings in Lancashire between 1962 and 1983.


Almost fifty years on, the building still speaks of modernity, optimism, light and learning. It’s well used and loved by the public and the charming and helpful staff – many thanks, for your time and assistance.

P1020260 copy

Application was made for listing, this was not accepted – there have been significant changes to both the external and internal structure over time.


The vertical, impressed cast concrete panels, shown above, have been replaced by brick.


The original suspended *bean can* lighting system has also been replaced. At night, I was told it was hard to navigate the building using the limited spot illumination, so a box of bike lights were kept and handed out, to permit the safe, well-lit passage of library users.

P1020279 copy

Concentric hexagonal rings of suspended strip lighting are now in place.


Sadly the vivarium, contained  in a glassed link corridor, was short lived.

Archive photographs from Lancashire Lantern Images

The staff were more than happy to allow me take photographs, I was even afforded, at my own risk, to access the roof area through a very secret door!

I urge you to visit Morecambe and its charming library soon.

2 thoughts on “Library – Morecambe

  1. I am amazed Morecambe library is not listed. I was moved by your description of the modernity and optimism of the building. Exactly how I describe it to anyone interested in what I think is the ‘best building’ in ‘Lancaster City’ local authority area. It is obviously this, as well as one of the finest biildings in Lancashire. When I think of all the listed Victorian era erected Georgiana clogging up Lancaster and the focus on art deco in Morecambe it is wrong for this building to go unrecognised. The light in the space and the form alone should be enough. I’ve seen hacked apart gubbins being listed yet the structure and true form of the building is intact. The interior feels like it should have a Hepworth gracing it.

    There’s some awful listed pastiche and baronial rubbish protected around Lancaster and Morecambe. Why this fabulous modern space can’t be recognised is a mystery. Shall we have another shot at listing? I’m up for it.


    1. I think that it should be listed and protected to keep it in use – on the day of my last visit it was as always busy providing a multiple of uses for a variety of folks. Happy to help – Steve.


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