BT Telephone Exchange – Ashton under Lyne

BT Roundabout OL6 6QQ

In 1913 Ashton is already a crowded town, a cotton town.

The first telephone exchange arrives and sweeps away property at the junction of Scotland and Bedford Streets.

The second arrives along with the bypass and establishes a roundabout, an island of telecommunication.

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There they sit betwixt St Michael’s Parish Church and Albion Congregational.

A marriage of inter-war brick Revivalism and post-war concrete Brutalism.

Ninety nine point nine percent of the passing parade pass by onto the bypass by car, I took time to circumnavigate the site on foot.

This is what I saw.

7 thoughts on “BT Telephone Exchange – Ashton under Lyne

    1. It’s still in use however the original (red brick) section is no longer operational and inaccessible due to asbestos and lack of maintenance.


      1. Can you please tell me where you got the information regarding lack of maintenance and presence of asbestos from
        Thank you


  1. It’s ALSO a case of the entire telephone exchange for our district requiring only a small fraction of the floor-space, compared with what was required a generation ago – all due to the astounding advances in IT software and hardware, miniaturisation, etc.


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