Boots – Nottingham

I boarded the 49 bus to Boots.

I alighted from the 49 bus at Boots and proceeded to take a look around.

Unsurprisingly the construction work was now complete.

The pharmaceutical factory for the Boots Company was built in the 1930s and was designed by Sir E Owen Williams. It uses reinforced concrete as an external frame. The strength of the frame allowed the design to incorporate large areas of glass.

Much of the site is now listed.

Here is the company’s official history

Photograph taken December 1994 © Copyright Crown copyright

D10 Wets Building

D6 Dry Building

D34 Fire Station – now offices.

At this point I was asked to leave the site – having arrived on a public service bus, I was unaware that this was a restricted area.

This was explained to me by the ever so helpful security staff.

I made my excuses and left.

D90Skidmore Owings & Merrill and Yorke Rosenberg & Mardell 1967-69

6 thoughts on “Boots – Nottingham

  1. Once again a nice set of shots.
    I was surprised to hear a couple of years ago that Boots is no longer a British owned company! Somehow without any sort of fanfare it was sold to an American company. Quite how they kept it out of the headlines is a mystery. (When Cadbury’s was sold off a few years back it was headline news). I’m sure that with it’s history most people still think Boots is a British owned company. The cynical might say it suits Boots to maintain the illusion of being a great British institution… I was also advised that Boots have the lions share of Pharmacies within NHS hospitals.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Gill.
        I’m in Sheffield and it would make perfect sense for Nottingham Post to carry news about the takeover and I’m pleased local people were kept informed.
        My memory of the Cadbury takeover by Kraft was that it was national headline news on all the news channels and newspapers and I have no recollection of similar for Boots.
        Equally of course I’m happy to think it could just be my memory 🙂
        Best wishes ✨💫📷💫✨


  2. Thanks really helpful and interesting that you were escorted off site, but more so that they’re still using the buildings. Makes you wonder why M&S can’t make a bit more effort with their Oxford Street dept block …


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