Anson Hotel – Beresford Road Manchester

Cycling back from Town, zig zagging between the A6 and Birchfields Road, I headed down Beresford Road and bumped into a behemoth.

A huge inter-war Whitbread boozer long since closed, now a retail food outlet and badged as the Buhran Centre, also trading as Burooj.

This change of use is far from uncommon, the demographics, socio-economic conditions and drinking habits which shape this and countless other pubs, have since shifted away from the lost world of this immense, roadhouse-style palace of fun.

No more outdoor or orders here – the supermarket now supplies the supplies for the self satisfied home drinker.

The sheer scale of the building guaranteed its demise, a three storey house with no more stories to tell.

Searching online for some clues as to its history there is but one mention, on the Pubs of Manchester:

This is my attempt, in some small way, to redress the balance, snapping what remains of this once top pub.

Safe home I searched the Manchester Local Image Collection, hoping to find some clues and/or images elucidating Beresford Road and the Anson in times gone by.

I found a typical inner Manchester suburban thoroughfare, a healthy mix of homes socially and privately owned, industry, independents shops, schools and such. Kids at play, passers-by passing by, captured in 1971 by the Council’s housing department photographers.

This was not a Golden Age – wasn’t the past much better, brighter, cheerier and cleaner reminiscence – simply a series of observations.

Things change.

Including the Anson Hotel.

6 thoughts on “Anson Hotel – Beresford Road Manchester

  1. I lived round the corner from here in the early 90s, but only went in once, when an irresponsible young lady suggested we all pop in there for a drink on the way in to town. The bar had enough metal grilles to withstand a riot and someone started on me within about 30 seconds of running the doorway gauntlet. I consider myself lucky to have got out alive.


  2. Found your blog via tweet from Pubs of Mcr. My dad used to live on Beresford Rd and loved seeing these pics. Apparently he loved Joytown – the toy shop.
    Bizarre trivia – the phonebox on Beresford Rd was/is 0161 224 1966 (God only knows why he’s remembered that !


  3. Had my 1st pint in the Anson pub with my dad god rest him ❤️ back in the day when we had a good community around the estate.


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