Ravensbury Street – Droylsden Cooperative Society Store

On the corner of Ravensbury and Stockholm Street Clayton Manchester there stands a Cooperative Shop of 1908.

We have previously visited another fine example on Northmoor Road.

In 1902 the area is still set to open ground.

This Manchester Local Image Collection photograph of 1912 shows new terraced homes emerging to meet the housing needs of the world’s first industrial city.

Stockholm Street

Here is the street in 1965 the shop already shut.

The corner shop on Bank Street still trades.

The Stuart Street Power Station does not.

Changing patterns in shoppers habits sealed the fate of many local and corner shops, as larger supermarkets opened, increased mobility and car ownership became more common.

When I first visited the building was undergoing renovation work.

The beautiful terracotta tile work and corona obscured by scaffolding .

I returned last week to find the job almost done – converted to flats, in an area which has seen a great deal of improvement to the general housing stock, paving and street furniture.

A joy to see a fine building almost returned to its former glory, with a much needed social purpose, reviving the city’s western edge.

5 thoughts on “Ravensbury Street – Droylsden Cooperative Society Store

  1. Well it’s certainly changed a bit from when I used to there delivering/collecting stuff . The shop manager and mine were big mates and I was in/out of their quite often 58/60


  2. So good to see it kept alive. I remember drawing a picture of it when I was in the infants at Ravey in 1953 after it had been robbed.


  3. I remember the store, I was born at the other end of Ravensbury St in 1942 left the area nearly 50 years ago, good to see what they have don with it.


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