A Taste Of Honey

This is a film that has stayed with me for most of my life – first seen as a nipper, fascinated by the fact that it was shot in a very familiar landscape.

As years have passed I have watched and rewatched it, finally resolving to track down the local locations used in its filming.

Studying and pausing the DVD, making thumbnail sketches of frames, researching online – referring to Reelstreets.

I have previously written about the way in which the movie shaped a particular image of the North.

And examined particular areas of Manchester such as Barmouth Street.

The film generated world wide attention and remains just as popular today.

Still watched, still loved, still relevant – here are a selection of photographs I took in 2011 – cycling around Manchester, Salford and just a little closer to home in Stockport.

Larkhill Road scene of the moonlight flit

The descent from Larkhill Road

Stockport Viaduct

Stockport Parish Church

Stockport running for the bus to Castleton

Midway Longsight – where Dora Bryan sang

Barmouth Street were the school scenes were filmed.

Timpson’s shoe shop now demolished opposite the Etihad

Phillips Park the back of the gas works in Holt Town

The Devil’s Steps Holt Town

Rochdale Canal

Ashton Canal

All Souls Church Every Street Ancoats

Piccadilly Gardens as we view the city from a moving bus.

Manchester Art gallery – where they watched the Whit Walks.

Albert Square part of the earlier bus ride.

Trafford Swing Bridge

Dock Offices

Chimney Pot Park Salford


Barton Aqueduct

Through my tour I have attempted to capture a sense of the settings as they are – how, if at all, the areas have changed.

There may be some minor inaccuracies or omissions which I am happy to amend.

You may wish to visit the sites yourselves, the majority of which are easily accessible, above all watch the film and appreciate that which is around you.

Portrait of Shelagh DelaneyArnold Newman

12 thoughts on “A Taste Of Honey

  1. Just sat and watched your Beautiful post. I remember growing up in the middle 50s and 60s in Manchester. I loved the film, although I didn’t live in those areas, my parents born in Salford and I’m very proud of our heritage,to belong to such a rich landscape., Loved Rita and Dora, love real Northern life. THANK you.
    Cheering us up in isolation. X


  2. Steve, you are probably bored with me adding piffling comments to your posts, but here’s another one anyway. I’m writing about Shelagh Delaney as your tour comes in. My experience on the film is yours. It feels extraordinary to this day. The more so, given the number of working class narratives, good & not so good, that have found time on screens in the intervening half century. I think Tony Richardson played a big part in that. Your location tour reminds me of the shared experience of places & atmospheres. Also, that once captured & reproduced, it is often difficult to persuade latecomers that the show has packed up & moved on, & that what they are carrying in their minds’ archive is artifice.


  3. Always a pleasure to receive your comments Phil (hope all is well with you and your own) my interest is of course in how the world looks, but also how your/our perceptions are shaped and my own lifelong experience of such, there are a Million stories in any city, naked or otherwise.


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