Portwood Stockport 2021

We have previously taken a look at Portwood as was – let’s take a giant leap forward to today.

The industry to the east has gone west – no more bees and alligators, instead there’s Tesco and Porsche.

Why make when you can buy?

Meadow Mill has long since ceased to spin and weave – currently undergoing adaptation into modern residential living.

I though, have always been fascinated by the rough ground that now seems so left behind.

Where once I found a weathered book of lost photographs.

This is a scarred and neglected landscape, even the developer’s sign has given up the ghost.

There are brambles, buddleia, rough grass and teasels amongst the rubble.

The remnants of roads, kerbed and tarred, strewn with hastily dumped detritus.

Puddled and forlorn.

Enter beneath the M60, where the Tame and Goyt conjoin to become the Mersey, a dimly lit passage home to the itinerant aerosol artistes.

All that remains of the long gone mills – the concrete base.

Detritus tipped and strewn, amongst the moss.

The remnants of roads going nowhere.

Surrounded by cars going nowhere.

Contemporary architecture creating cavernous canyons.

A landscape forever changing, caught between expectation and fulfilment, paradise forever postponed.

This horror will grow mild, this darkness light.

John Milton

5 thoughts on “Portwood Stockport 2021

  1. It’s a pity they will not do anything with the land that Tiviot dale station stud on. It could be joined up to where the three rivers are and the bridge where Prince Rupert forded the rivers to defend Stockport and gave Tiviot dale it’s name. The area between Avenue street and Exchange street could be better used The piece of land that used to be a car park along the side of Avenue street could be turned into a board walk with small shops food outlets with flowers and trees to improve the air quality. And of course wind power to supply the electricity needed. I have suggested most of these to the council but never had any replies. J.K.Heaton


    1. Stockport could be connected to the metrolink tram network, quite cheaply, through this barren landscape and up alongside Crookilley Way to join the rail line behind Morrison’s and out through the Woodley Junction!


  2. Thanks for posting! Took this exact same walk two weeks ago and felt such despair at the state of the land. My great grandfather owned and ran this group of mills, sad to see what devastation followed..


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