Stockport Bus Station 2021

Your days are numbered, work has begun at the temporary site on Heaton Lane.

You are to be demolished, no more in, no more out.

I have tracked your history and slow decline.

You are to become a transport interchange.

So here’s a record of your lost chippy, closed lavatories, control centre, relocated information office, slowly ticking clock, soon to tick no longer.

Say hello and wave goodbye to RS McColl’s kiosk.

So so long my draughty, cold, deserted old pal.

6 thoughts on “Stockport Bus Station 2021

  1. The gents toilet must be the smelliest in the area. I have often thought it needs a good steam clean and a thorough rinse with a pressure hose..


  2. I never saw it in the same way – I vaguely remember the bus bouncing through the arches, along the dirt tracks that were there before and always pined for those.


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