Stockport Bus Station – Closed

April 1979 work begins.

Opening on March 2nd 1982.

Closing on Saturday 28th August 2021.

I have been in in and out of here for some forty odd years, writing of its history and recording its decline.

No more cold damp shelters, no more cavernous and grimy public conveniences, no more chips and shop.

Bye bus station.

3 thoughts on “Stockport Bus Station – Closed

  1. At 74, I’m old enough to remember when Mersey Square was the main Stockport bus station where the buses and trams terminated at different stands. Where the present, just closed, bus station now stands was a factory called Eyre’s, at the side of which, in New Street, where the Wellington Bridge arches are, two bus routes terminated, the number 39 to Councillor Lane and the number 40 to Gatley, via Brinksway; Cheadle Heath and Cheadle. I was only four and a half years old when the trams stopped running in August, 1951, having served Stockport for fifty years. But I do remember riding on them with my mother from Cheadle Heath, where I was born and lived, to Mersey Square and back. I think the fare was tuppence for my mother and a penny for me for the one mile journey. It’s a very, very, very long time ago now.


  2. My husband, who is now 75, his father was a tram driver in Stockport and when trams stopped running he became a bus guard for Stockport Corporation, he can’t remember the years his Dad was working on trams/buses! He says North Western Road Car Company also had routes from Mersey Square.


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